Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Great Eyeliner Disasters

I am completely inept when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner, which is why I have fallen in love with Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner. It has a tiny pointy sponge applicator instead of a brush and I find I can control it well, plus the formula is highly pigmented and waterproof. But I discovered an important aspect of the product this morning--the liner in the tube is so fluid that when I accidentally tipped the tube while applying it, it dripped all over the floor. I had imagined more of a cream consistency in there, but it really is liquid. I am traveling on business, so it was a hotel bathroom floor I sullied with my klutziness. So a word to the wise--don't tip your MUFE Aqua Liner upside down. On the plus side, this means I will run out of liner a litter sooner, which means a trip to Sephora sooner. Which means another Aqua Liner in another color (gold? silver?) may jump into my basket.