Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinky Tuscadero

This weekend we went to the Berkshires to pick up No. One Son and his impressive pile of seriously filthy socks from sleepaway camp. I am now back in the scrum of my three boys, so naturally I had to bust out my girly pinks today. As Pinky Tuscadero showed us all, it's a vile myth that redheads can't rock pink.

On the eyes I used MAC Expensive Pink on the lid, with Brown Down in the crease and Mylar on the browbone. I love Expensive Pink, as it's salmon enough to work with my coloring, with just the right amount of gold shimmer to look warm and illuminating but not glittery. On the cheeks I used MAC Mineralize blush in Dainty. On the lips I'm scraping the bottom of a tube of Clinique Different Lipstick in Rose Taffy.

With all that pink I knew I needed a scent including rose, but I didn't want the full-throttle rose experience of Two, Five & Seven. I went for BPAL Endymion, which includes d'Anjou pear, Lily of the Valley, bois du rose, and white musk. This is a funny one on me, because I can't really make out the pear as a distinct note, but it's definitely there adding a little juicy fruit to the florals. The musk gives it a nice warm undertone, and it's white musk so it doesn't do the horrible sour thing that darker musks do on me. This one goes through a phase on my skin that makes it smell quite soapy, as if a bar of Ivory had hung out for a while with some rose. It's not unpleasant at all, but it's not generally what I'm looking for. Fortunately, once that passes I'm left with a pretty warm, light floral with a touch of pear.

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  1. For the first time in a long time I'm trying a new perfume today--Poudre, a new version of Chanel No. 19. I was at Saks the other day, where it's being heavily promoted, and I asked about it. It's an eau de parfum (and my No. 19 is an eau de toilette) which is supposed to be heavier on the iris side of No. 19. I picked today, since I knew I'd be home and available to hop in a quick shower if I hate it (remember the Olive body lotion incident in the Berkshires??). So far it's a bit heavy--reminds me more of No. 5 than 19, but that might be the difference between parfum and toilette--usually No. 5 is the denser parfum. I should add that I don't like No. 5, so that's not really a good thing. The other problem of course, is that I'm so used to No. 19 that I barely notice it anymore, it's just part of the aroma of my room. Oh, and the guy at Saks told me that Chanel is re-introducing No. 19 body lotions, etc., so that says good things about the life of that scent! Phew!