Thursday, February 9, 2012

Great minds...

Just yesterday I was looking at my nails (which are sporting an adorable pink with black lace design from Sally Hansen Salon Effects) and wondering if there are any topcoats out there that can add sparkle without completely obscuring the polish underneath. This morning, I opened my email to find an announcement of just that from Essie -- the Luxeffects collection. I'm very intrigued by this, and definitely want to try As Gold As It Gets and Shine Of The Times. Gold, check. Iridescence, check. Yep, they're obviously reading my mind.

Anyone trying these things out yet? Let me know!


  1. Would you be wearing "I Love Lacey"? There are so many new Salon Effects patterns since I last looked!

  2. Well, I will tell you. I don't know. The reason is that one of my coworkers has a sister who designs them, and so she gives me unlabeled packs of them. I might be wearing an unreleased prototype!

    Also, I Love Lacey is the greatest product name ever.