Thursday, February 16, 2012

To introduce our guest star, that's what I'm here to do...

It really makes me happy to introduce to you..........

Our special guest blogger LAURA!

In addition to being one of my closest friends since we shared an office 15 years ago (and have barely missed a day of contact since), she's also about as cosmetics- and perfume-obsessed as I am. In fact, she's often responsible for introducing me to things I later get completely hooked on (hi, BPAL!). In addition, she's very interested in skin care. Here, I'll let her introduce herself:
Laura “came of age” in the 80s, so she considers herself a survivor of some very disturbing fashion and makeup trends, like shoulder pads, acid-washed jeans worn unironically, streaky blush, and thick eyeliner that we softened with a lighter before putting it on–don’t even get her started on what women wore to the gym in those days! She now works in a more conservative field, and she’ll get an odd look or two if she wears crackle nail polish (and she expects we’ll look back on that trend with the same disbelief we now reserve for horizontally-striped leg warmers).
Laura sometimes thinks she may need an intervention for her beauty product addiction, because the inside of her bathroom looks like an Estee Lauder warehouse. When she’s not unhealthily obsessed with beauty and fashion, she lives and works in New York with her husband and two cats.
Expect to hear more from Laura soon!

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