Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warming Trend

It's a chilly spring morning, and I felt compelled to be somewhat defiant. If you pay attention to seasonal launches and magazine spreads, apparently you're supposed to want to wear delicate pastels and pinks in the spring, while reserving richer colors for fall. Well, too bad. I found myself pulling out this deep green dress with deco-style poppies on it, brown t-strap pumps, and my fall makeup colors, and so be it. This is a look that fits in with the style aspiration crib note I like to keep in mind when I'm buying things -- "Sally Bowles Gets a Day Job."

Foundation--Teeny touch of Armani Designer foundation just to even out some blotchy areas. MUFE HD concealer under eyes, with a dab of Smashbox primer underneath and MUFE translucent powder to set it.

Eyes--MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as a base, with Armani Eyes to Kill in Bronze-Gray on the lid. Liner is MAC Eye Kohl in teddy. NYX Les Amoureux mascara. Oh, and I use clear Maybelline Great Lash for brow grooming.

Cheeks--NYX Pinched.

Lips--MAC Dark Side lipstick with a touch of MAC Lustreglass in Ornamental. Revlon Colorstay lipliner in Natural to try to keep it all contained in the lipline.

Perfume--BPAL Mourning Lace. I can't seem to stop wearing this one.


  1. Your title reminds me of the "base notes" of wild beet flowers, referenced in Tom Robbins' "Jitterbug Perfume."

    I won't pretend to understand word one of the fashion or makeup references, but I LOVE knowing that you're blogging & that I can read snippets of your writing.

    THAT is a huge smile. Cheers!

  2. Aw, that is sweet.

    Jitterbug Perfume definitely got me interested in perfume. All that jasmine and beet pollen!