Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basic Red

I don't know of many makeup fans who aren't perpetually in pursuit of the perfect red lipstick, whatever that means to her. me, I have in my mind's eye something that is as clear, deep red with a satin finish that pulls neither too brick nor too berry on me. many "true" reds come out looking a little light and chalky for my taste, so I keep pressing on, looking for something with real depth.

Last year I'd bought this one, MAC Dare You, on a whim, and then wore it once or twice before sort of forgetting about it. Today felt like a red lipstick day, so initially I'd put on the second color in the Yagolicious palette, but that wasn't quite doing it. Then I remembered I had Dare You in my makeup case and popped it on after lunch.

I like it! It's still not free of the berry tone so many of these take on when I wear them, but I like the depth of color and the finish.

Face: Cover Girl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation in #310 Flax, Cover Girl concealer, NYX Pinched blush.

Eyes: MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as base, NYX  Dallas eyeshadow, Inglot gel eyeliner in black, NYX Les Amoureux mascara.

Lips: MAC Dare You.

Scent of the Day: BPAL Halloween: Las Vegas, surprising nobody.

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